Lead UI/UX Designer

Tirebuyer is the best in class tire distributor with impacts in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer world. Tirebuyer was seeking a creative Lead UI/UX Designer interested in helping build a rich customer experience platform for the end-to-end (shop, buy, install) lifecycle for business-to-business transactions fed by business-to-consumer properties. My job was to take direction from written or spoken ideas and convert them seamlessly into images, layouts and other designs. As the Lead UI/UX Designer, I played a key role in helping protect the brand identity of ATD’s brands by preserving a consistent look-and-feel throughout the design and development of assets.


Error Pages

When Tirebuyer users search or filter through the website or features, sometimes there's no results. Instead of the current boring look and the usual 404 error page, we decided on a clean modern look that is on brand, and that provides visual cues for the user.

Original Error Page

Compare Pages

When you’re in a crowded market, it seems like every sales conversation is a competitive one. The current product compare page on Tirebuyer.com is resourceful in terms of providing information about each compared product. However the current compare page delivers a bland experience. It's hard to read, not formatted correctly, there's no connection to our brand, etc, It was clear that this page needed to become a priority.

I started the process by researching competitors, clients, tire manufactures/dealers. I knew the compare page must let customers speak for themselves. For this I wanted to leverage customer testimonials. I believe leveraging customer testimonials serves a dual purpose on a product comparison page: (1) social proof from our customers raving about our products/services, (2) staying clean when it comes to speaking against our competition. The customers do this for us. Another goal for the compare page was to achieve major SEO mojo! This page above most pages on Tirebuyer will most likely rank as one the most visited pages, and most useful features on Tirebuyer.com.

Attached below are revisions in order.

Original Compare Page

Revised Compare Page


Desktop compare page 1


Desktop compare page 2


Desktop compare page 3

Tire Pros is the nation’s largest network of elite, independent, and locally-owned tire dealers. This project came to my team from an outside agency. Tirepros needed a brand new design for their national and local installers.
My team was tasked with finishing the visual design process. This included a deep dive into IA, visuals, the flow of content. The end result is a high quality platform that can better serve customers and dealers.

Tire Pros Homepage